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La Ville Magic Presents Unomathic by Lars La Ville video DOWNLOAD

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A 2 phase routine with Uno cards.


Phase 1:

The magician shows two piles with five uno cards.The cards are shuffled and the spectator helps mixing the cards. The goal is to create five random two digits numbers.The spectator can decide which pile that should be the first and second digit.Now the magician spells to some words, and for each word a card is place in the bottom.The spectator can decide which pile the magician should start spelling with and they can say stop at any time. When they say stop , the magician continues spelling with the other pile.After the last letter in each word,the magician removes the two top cards and turn them face up and these two cards creates a random two digits number. This is repeated with all the cards.The five numbers are added up together. The prediction match .Not only has the magician predicted the total , but also all the five 2 digits numbers.

Phase 2:

The magician shows some extra numbers and ask the spectator to switch some of the numbers in the piles. The magician now writes a secret number in the palm of the magicians hand. The magician shuffles the piles, and the spectator is asked, if they want you to move some of the cards around. The spectator can decide which pile should be the first and second digit.The spectator can also freely choose all the words you are spelling.When all five random numbers are added up, the magician prediction in the hand is correct. The sum and numbers are different each time you perform the effect.

Perfect For Zoom. Perfect For Kids show.The kids can interact, and sum up the total.

Skill: easy / Intermediate duration: 31 min.

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