Last Laugh by Mark Elsdon - Trick


I’ve said it before, and I will probably say it again. When Mark Elsdon sells an effect to Alakazam Magic, you know you are in for an excellent trick. Last Laugh is no exception.

Imagine this. You, as the performer, put two decks of cards on the table. You show that one deck is completely mixed by fanning it or spreading it on a table. As you go through the cards, the spectator picks 5 cards at the location when they say “stop.” The spectator mixes up the five face-down cards and picks one. Without looking at the selected card, it is put in the spectator’s back pocket. The remaining four cards are turned over and shown to be a random selection of cards; each one different from the other. Then you take out the other deck of cards and claim to be able to cut to the spectator’s selected (and unknown) card. But first, you calibrate your hands and fingers by trying to cut to a Joker. You try it and amazingly, you cut to a Joker. Then you ask the spectator to help you find the other Joker and when they touch any card, it too is a Joker! Amazing! You continue cutting the cards and turning over small stacks only to reveal that they are all Jokers. Very funny. You keep going until there is one card left face down. You ask the spectator to take out their selected card and at the same time you each turn over your card and astoundingly they are the exact same card. The chorus of WTF’s! echoes loudly.

This trick is truly awesome. It is so easy to learn and perform and the payoff is like an atom bomb. This is the sort of trick that really messes with your audience. There is not backtracking, no guessing, no nothing… other than pure amazement....
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