Level One (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Christian Grace

Level One by Christian Grace is a gimmick that allows you to progressively vanish ANY deck of cards. This completely sold out at Blackpool 2019 and has not been available since.

Holding a deck of cards, you give a gentle shake, and half of the deck seems to melt into thin air. With another shake, the rest of the deck vanishes, leaving you with just one card: the spectator's selection!

The last card can immediately be handed out for examination. There is nothing to find; it's a normal playing card.

Consider these points:

  • You end clean. The last card can be fully examined.
  • It's easy to do. It will take just a short time to learn how to use the gimmick.
  • There are no angle restrictions. You can perform Level One surrounded.
  • The last card is completely examinable.
  • There are no flaps, threads or magnets. You receive a solid-state gimmick. It will never break.

Package includes Level One gimmick and online instructions.

"Incredibly visual and convincingly magical!"
- Cyril

"The best deck vanish that I've ever seen."
- David Berglas

"Best thing I've seen this year... Level One will be part of every magician's arsenal."
- Marvin Berglas

"Level One is the perfect illusion."
- Michael Vincent

"I LOVE IT... I just want to brainstorm with this all day."
- Lloyd Barnes

"Looks like real magic and it's so much fun to play with!"
- Andrew Frost

"...I've just seen Christian perform Level One and I LOVE it. It's fantastic. Damn, I wish I came up with the idea first."
- Tom Elderfield

"Level One is a game-changer!"
- Ollie Mealing

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Customer Questions:

  • Q. The one card that remains; is this a 'force' card. Or does the spectator have a free choice of a card? And can you use any deck of cards?
  • A. You can use ANY deck of cards (poker size, of course). And no, the remaining card is not a force card. It can be any card that you want to remain after the deck is vanished. Christian Grace recommends performing this as an addition or end to your regular card routine. As an example, if you perform an Ambitious Card Routine, you can always use this as the final climax to make the deck disappear leaving only the spectator's card.

  • Q. Instead of vanishing the deck 1/2 by 1/2, can you start out with a single card and produce the deck 1/2 by 1/2?

    Also, can the deck be riffled right before the vanish?

    Can you insert their signed selection in the middle of the deck and then vanish the top half and then the bottom half, leaving their card the only one left? Or vanish the bottom half first and the top half last?
  • A. No, you cannot perform this backwards and produce a deck. Well, at least not with the provided teaching and instruction. You might be able to figure out a way to use LEVEL ONE to do that but the handling isn't taught. They do teach how you can use a real deck which you can have the deck shuffled before you SETUP the Level One.....so with some misdirection, you can give them impression that you're riffle shuffling the same deck prior to Level One being secretly loaded. Finally, you can do it with a signed card, but you must have that card on top of the deck. So we would recommend doing any sort of Ambitious Card Routine move where it looks like the spectator's card is being inserted into the middle of the deck. Then you can make the deck disappear leaving only one card (the top card) which turns out to be their selection.

  • SKILL LEVEL: Beginner
  • Manufactured by: Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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