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Cruise Magic 101 - How To Make A Great Living Performing Magic on Cruise Ships By Nick Lewin - BOOK

After 40 years Nick Lewin has become one of the highest paid and highly regarded performers in this lucrative market. This award-winning performer is sharing his experience and it has now been put down on paper. It can save other performers a gigantic learning curve. From A-Z, Lewin covers the...

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Nick Lewin Teaches the Ken Brooke Linking Ring Routine Master Class - DVD

The definitive DVD master class on the ultimate handling of this classic routine. Ken Brooke featured this classic in every single performance. His adaptation and additions to the Dai Vernon "Symphony of the Rings" are a perfect example of the genius with which Brooke could take strong magic and...

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Nick Lewin's Ultimate Electric Chair and Paper Balls Over Head - DVD

All you need are thirteen paper napkins, an empty chair, and THIS ROUTINE! This routine is one of the most highly commercial and laugh-filled effects in the business. It was the centerpiece of Nick's professional show for many years. He is now passing on the full details of this classic routine for...

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Nick Lewin's Ultimate Gypsy Yarn - Trick

Are you looking for a powerful feature trick to add to your show that fits flat in your top pocket? Then look no further. Nick Lewin's Ultimate Gypsy Yarn is a sure-fire audience pleaser that never fails to get ovations from spectators. This 100% practical routine is the exact handling that has...

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Nick Lewin's Ultimate Microphone Holder (Black) - Trick

Nick Lewin's Ultimate Microphone Holder (Black) - Trick

New and Improved Design... The very best hands-free microphone holder in the market, with a subtle difference in design that places it head and shoulders above similar designs available for purchase. Whether you use it in every show, or just carry it with you so that you are never caught off guard...

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Nick Lewin's Ultimate Slow Motion Newspaper Tear - DVD

This is the smoothest version of the classic torn and restored newspaper you have ever seen! Nick's handling of Alex Elmsley's brilliant effect is the routine he has closed his show on for thirty years. Why do the routine in slow motion? Nick routinely receives standing ovations due to this unique...

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