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Performer explains that after years of extensive research and development in their labs in France, Singapore, Sweden and JASPER ALABAMA, the Proof Positive Company has developed the Lie Master XRG. The first hand-held megaphone type voice analyzer which uses patented voice tension technology to determine if the user is telling the truth, or lying! (not really, but you get the picture) The performer fires up the LMXRG and it comes to life with several colored flashing lights, flip up telescoping gauges, exposed circuit board components and a super bright indicator light. The Lie Master XRG really seems impressive and state-of-the-art.

First a simple question to calibrate the Lie Master XRG. "What is your name?" The volunteer answers by speaking into the LMXRG. "Suzie Smith." Her voice booms over the crowd loud and clear so everyone can hear (after all she IS speaking into a megaphone!) Instantly the Lie Master XRG goes to work, analyzing the subject's voice. The large light begins flashing and a loud OOOOO-AHHHH sound (like a fog horn) blares from the LMXRG. That must be a lie. "You must speak your FULL name." The volunteer answers "Suzie ANN Smith." Once again the LMXRG lights up but this time a loud DING, DING, DING sound is heard - just like the t.v. game shows! The truth was told! The unit is now calibrated, and your audience now understands the premise. The comical questions begin. "Have you ever picked your nose while driving?" "No" OOOOO-AHHHH, "Yes" DING, DING, DING. Laughter either way. "Have you ever gone skinny dipping?" "No" OOOOO-AHHHH, "Yes" DING, DING, DING. Laughter either way. "Have you ever peed in a pool?" "No" OOOOO-AHHHHH, "Yes" DING, DING, DING. Again, laughter either way. You get the picture. Whatever the answer, laughter is sure to follow. You can even invite the FRIENDS of your victim to ask the questions. You won't believe what people will ask each other, when given the opportunity. The spontaneity that this provides is unsurpassed with very little effort from the performer.

But it gets even better. Put the Lie Master into XRG mode (X-treme Running Gag) and you won't believe what happens next. At anytime you desire, the unit will seem to short circuit going into a completely chaotic state when analyzing an answer to a question. (the more obnoxious the better!) The light flashes and 7 very loud crazy sounds are heard (bells, alarms, coo-coo's, buzzers etc.) This is guaranteed to send your audience into hysterics!

Next, set the LMXRG down in full view of your audience and continue on with the rest of your show. Now at anytime, activate the XRG mode and once again the unit goes crazy with flashing lights and comical sounds. This forces you to stop what you're doing, walk over and power down the Lie Master XRG while your audience roars with laughter. This is repeated several times, each time funnier then the last.

Or choose a young helper whose job it will be shut down the Lie Master XRG if (when) it starts to act up again. After showing them where the shut off switch is you send them back to their seat, stressing their responsibility to power down the unit, SHOULD it act up again! You know what happens now! During the rest of your show you set off the Lie Master XRG and this cute little helper comes running through the audience and up on your stage to quiet the noisy machine. But when they flip the switch, NOTHING HAPPENS! The LMXRG continues to scream and flash. It's pure pandemonium because it's loud, the lights are flashing, and you're annoyed. Your show has been interrupted. You stop what you're doing, walk over and once again show your helper how to turn the unit off! Once again he or she returns to their seat, and sure enough, after continuing with your show, the LMXRG goes off again! This happens as many times as you desire, guaranteeing laughs throughout your show. For the final Lie-Master XRG interruption, your helper leaps from their chair jumps on to the stage and is FINALLY able to shut down the machine - making them the HERO. Your audience will love it!

Any experienced entertainer will realize the versatility of this commercial effect. It has been uniquely developed for ease of use, and MAXIMUM impact! It is a professionally produced prop that is loud enough for ANY venue without the need of an external P.A (It can be heard the length of a football field!) It gets attention and is sure to be remembered. From the trade show performer, to the mentalists, to the school assembly performer (how bout the INTEGRITY DETECTOR?) The presentation and comedic possibilities really are endless - Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding

This electronic wonder is under your control at all times and comes with 2 very easy to trigger remotes (1 for True, 1 for False) designed to be undetectable when operating.

Measures 9" long by 16" tall when opened so it's very visible. When closed it's only 9" x 6" so it's easy to transport.

Remotes have over a 50' range.

Batteries Included.

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