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From the mind of Mohamed Ibrahim

Mohamed's 'LOCATE ME' is amazing and fun, It allows you to do a lot of mental magic with this SIMPLE and AMAZING METHOD!'

Jeki Yoo With Locate Me you will be able to control cards easily like a professional and do crazy stuff with it!

You will be able to do impossible Card effects!

Imagine having a spectator to choose a card , put it inside the deck put the cards behind his back , and you cut at the exact selected card. He can also cut the deck himself .

Imagine having a spectator to choose a card, put it inside the deck then inside the case and after naming his card you just snap your fingers and make the card fall from the case.

Imagine having a spectator to choose a card

"Everything is clean!! "

Put it inside the deck then you grab your prediction and the card will match the prediction!

Once you know the secret, you will be able to do a lot of tricks and create your own ones!

In this download you will learn how to:
  • RIFFLE the cards at his SELECTED CARD
  • FORCE any card!
  • Multiple routines
  • REVEAL the card from the case
  • CUT the deck at the SELECTED CARD or make the Spectator CUT at his CARD.
  • PEEK and REVEAL!!
Download it today and enjoy!

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