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LoKey takes the famous Master Prediction Box from the stage into a close-up scenario.

Imagine asking your spectators a freely chosen time, date and image to reveal its been your lockscreen the entire time. Only to receive a text message and the spectator reveals who its from an what they said.

Perfect for ZOOM, corporate gigs, close-up or even in the bath.

Here are some key points of the app:
  • You can perfrom all the predictions or only one of them.
  • 4 input methods with 3 solo methods and one assitant method.
  • App is FREE to download so your assistant wont need to buy anything.
  • Wikitest integration
  • 100% free choice from the spectators.
  • Simple and easy to use.
LoKey was created by Beau Cremer and app developed by Teguh Hidayatullah.

"This is Lo-Key mental! Prediction system right in your pocket."
- Patrick Kun

"I've watched Beau constantly perfect this effect over the last few years, and it's so great to see it fully refined and finally released in an easy to use app. Great job!"
- Marc Kerstein

"Lokey opens the door to so many possibilities... F***ing Genius!"
- Dynamo

"I love this. I don't particularly seek out prediction effects. But this one has so many options, and the fact that it's always ready to go is awesome. Well done!"
- Jeremy Griffith

"Fucking powerful that bro *clap* *clap* *clap*. I actually love it."
- Ryan Tricks

"A wicked clever and practical prediction utility that you will literally carry everywhere! I LOVE it!"
- Mark Lavelle

"I WISH Lokey wasn't being released, I really hope people understand how powerful this is to spectators. Lokey is a weapon. It's SO impossible."
- Luke Oseland

"Lokey is an absolute must for any close-up performer that wants to bring the power of the stage right into the spectator's hands. Also Beau is a beautiful human being, how could you say no to that face?"
- DK

"A great idea, executed perfectly."
- Tom Elderfield

The app is sorted for all languages and is available worldwide.

NOTE: This product is an Apple (iOS) only app.

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