Lost Legends (Witch) Playing Cards

The story takes inspiration from "The Middle Ages" in Europe, also known as the "Dark Ages." This era is characterized by ignorance and superstition, shrouding the world like a never-ending nightmare. During this period, the Church initiated the lengthy "witch-hunt" movement, leading to the persecution and suppression of countless innocent women being accused.

Lost Legends is a series set in this era, drawing from its historical context while incorporating fantasy elements to create an epic series. We have meticulously crafted a masterpiece set of playing cards, combining intricate hand-drawn aesthetics with "Baroque decorative style". We aim to compose a poignant symphony for this endless nightmare, creating a song of grandeur and sorrow.

The Witch:

The character depictions on the card box are delicate and captivating, presenting an enduring sense of historical weight akin to sculptures. With gold foils, the overall tuckbox stands out as an art piece.

The overall construction of the card box leans towards the solemnity of Papal murals, while incorporating elements reminiscent of the Mughal decorative art style to achieve a harmonious composition.

The back and front designs feature extensive metallic ink throughout, providing just enough shine to enhance the designs of the patterns and characters.

Also featuring a looming intricate pattern in the background, it further enhances the luxuriousness of the cards themselves.

Limited edition, individually numbered at the bottom.

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