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Machinations by Ben Harris - Book


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I have a cut out paper puzzle, that takes me 2 minutes to cut, and glue up. Very good puzzle. This book was advertised as 100 tricks, and when I got it, it was ONE trick, repeated 100 times. I have not even looked at it again, as to me was a book of NO use. It is on a shelf, collection dust, as I think it stinks, not even worth $5. The advertisement did not show us what it was, but built it up as a great buy, which to me was NOT. I have 93 kids, grandkids, great grandkids, in my family, and none of them will see this book. ...
Date Added: 06/24/2020 by Jack Daniels


Glad I Found This Site

This will be the only magic shop I will be ordering from online. Very fast service.

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I just recieved Coin Bite by Roy Kueppers and it arrived perfect. The customer service is excellent.. Shop for magic nowhere else... !!!

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