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Magic Lesson #5: A red hot MYXture by Andy Amyx - video DOWNLOAD

  • Manufactured by: MJM Magic

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"A two phase card effect that's easy for beginners but used by professional working magicians!"

Effect: You show a BLUE deck of cards.   You have the spectator choose any card from the deck.   It's truly a free choice.  Let's say they choose the 7 of Hearts.

You have them return it to the middle of the deck.  No breaks or card controls needed.  It's really lost in the middle of the deck.

Next, you tell the spectator to blow a kiss at the deck, which she does.  In that moment, the magic happens!  You explain that your kiss made one card BLUSH and turn red.  As you riffle through the deck, your spectator sees that ONE CARD turned red.  One card and none of the others.

You turn over that card and miraculously, it's the spectator's card which has changed to a RED back!

You put the spectator's red card on the table, and you explain that you will do it again.   You can have the same spectator participate or use another one: it's up to you!

This time, you have the spectator say STOP anytime they wish while you randomly shuffle the cards.  They have a free choice to say stop at any point in time.  When they say "Stop," you show them the card they freely stopped on. This time, they stop on the 2 of Clubs.

You then have them blow ANOTHER KISS at the deck as you explain that one card will blush and turn red.  As you riffle through the deck, you don't see the red card.  You look through each card but they are all blue.

Then the real moment of magic happens!

You remember, "I explained that there would be ONE blushed card, correct?" You say this pointing to their original red card on the table.  "Go ahead and have a look!"

The spectator turns it over to reveal that the original card has now changed into their second card!  And for the kicker: it has a pair of red lips on it!**

A perfect giveaway item for your strolling magic performances!

  • Easy to perform
  • You can give the card away as a souvenier
  • Resets in seconds for multiple performances

**The additional lipstick mark is optional and not needed to perform this color changing transposition effect.

Andy Amyx is a professional working magician who has (and continues to) perform all over the world.   In his past series of Magic Lesson videos, he has taught many of the things you will find in this video, like the Swing Cut and the Le Paul Spread.   

Now, in this video, he has put together many of those fundamental teachings and brings you an effect which he still uses to this day in his walkaround set.

This is a DOWNLOAD VIDEO, so you will literally get access to it as soon as you place your order!  Begin learning this effect right now, only at MJM Magic!

Running time: 09:53

For more Magic Lessons by Andy, click this link to see the latest videos:

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