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Magic to Thrill (with Four Videos) by Paul A. Lelekis Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

  • Manufactured by: Paul A. Lelekis

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Here are several great effects that you love PERFORMING, and your audience will love BEING AMAZED!

INTRODUCTION - A study of how to make your spectators a part of your routines and making your magic about them!

A GREEK TRAGEDY - The trick that the late Tony Econ loved! A packet trick with just four ordinary cards that will thrill your spectators! Tony said that he has never seen so much magic produced from just four cards...

THE CLOCK TRICK - This effect was a favorite of Michael Skinner, although I don't know who created it. This effect is a TRUE magician fooler! If you don't know the secret, you will be absolutely floored!

FOUR ACES TRIUMPH - A simple, easy to do, direct Triumph effect with an added revelation that will make your spectators rub their eyes! Plus 3 videos!

MELD - This easy-to-do double revelation uses two clever principles of magic! In addition, your spectators are responsible for this amazing production of the four Aces!

In addition, you are provided access to Mike Powers Mall of Magic to check out one of Paul's favorite creations... JUMPING JACKS! This is an effect that Paul ALWAYS does wherever he performs!

CONUS ACES - A wonderful classic of magic that is hardly ever seen anymore. This is a full routine that you can do close-up, cabaret or even on stage! It is a hilarious "control" of the four Aces, over and over, that will have your spectators laughing!

21st CENTURY 21 CARD TRICK - This is a beautiful effect that is very engaging and involves the spectator completely! Paul has added a "dodge" that not only makes this effect more engaging for the spectator, but also makes it seem impossible! This is effect is as much fun for the performer as it is for the spectator!

THE STRIKE SECOND DEAL AND A COOL TRICK! - Paul not only provides you with every detail of learning the Strike Second Deal, but he also provides a video demonstration of this little-known sleight that has a profound number of uses in card mechanics... but more importantly with MAGIC!

In addition, Paul provides an excellent, easy-to-do trick that will show you the ease and power of the Strike Stud Second Deal!

Download this eBook/video and start learning!

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