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Welcome to this special double feature brought to you by 13 Souls Productions. In this project, you will receive 2 incredible routines that are some of my "go to" effects: Cana and Midi. These hypno tricks of mine allow you to accomplish miracles in front of your audience with next to no set up. They pair wonderfully with any hypnotic routine, although no real hypnosis is actually required.

The first of the two effects you will receive is Cana, wherein you convince your participant that their glass of water has changed into their favorite drink.

The second effect is Midi, during which a spectator hears their favorite song being played through unplugged earbuds. No expensive gimmickry. No Bluetooth.

Neither effects require any forcing or stooges. It is my genuine belief that you will not only love the methods behind these effects, but will also enjoy performing them for the audience of your choosing.

Download the video and start learning.

My name is Thaddius. Enjoy!

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