Mind Entanglement by Hank and Joseph Lee

One of the favorite plots in magic is matching effect. You may be familiar with the classic ESP cards matching routine, that's deceptively simple, yet packs a powerful punch.

For the past seven years, Hank has delved deeply into perfecting the Matching effect, utilizing a blend of linguistics, body language, and psychology. The result is an experience that gives the audience the illusion of unparalleled freedom and choice. Each matched pair seems more random and impossible than the last, achieving the impression that "it was their choice" and "the magician didn't even do anything."

Storm Creative is proud to introduce "Mind Entanglement" - a game-changer. By incorporating images of well-known landmarks, the matching routine becomes a narrative, and can be weaved seamlessly into everyday life and be more relatable for your audience.

Included with the set is a comprehensive tutorial, leaving no stone unturned. Hank imparts every detail, including how to deal with unexpected situations, sharing his insights from real-world scenarios and unforeseen twists.

Honed over thousands of live performances, Hank's experiences stand as a testament to his mastery of this effect. With his guidance, you will master this routine in no time, with half the effort.

But that's not all. In this version, Hank has taken things up a notch, adding an extra phase to the routine. Whether you're performing solo or engaging with a table of ten, this additional phase promises to deliver jaw-dropping magic that will leave your audience in awe.

Product Features:
  • The cards are printed on the highest standard Casino card stock.
  • Includes a premium wallet for convenient portability and storage.
  • Comprehensive tutorial video with English subtitles, guiding you through every scenario and possibility.
  • Honed and audience tested for maximum interaction and entertainment.
  • Two-phase presentation with an added layer of intrigue.
  • Images of famous landmarks effortlessly blend into captivating stories.
The set includes:
  • 1 x Custom card storage case
  • 15 x Landmark cards
  • 1 x Special envelope
  • Approximately 1-hour of detailed tutorial with English subtitles
  • Multiple live demo/performance footage of "Mind Entanglement"

Customer Questions:

  • Q. Can you please supply English instructions ! Verbal instructions in English!
  • A. The instructions are in verbal Chinese, but there are English subtitles. We find that it's easier to MUTE the audio and then follow along with the written English subtitles because it's less distracting.

    Unfortunately, there are no verbal English instruction from this manufacturer.

  • SKILL LEVEL: Beginner
  • Manufactured by: Storm Creative Entertainment

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