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Mind Over Matter by Daniel Johnson - DVD

  • SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate
  • Manufactured by: Michael Murray


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WARNING - Strictly over 18's only. This DVD contains strong language, drug and sexual references that some viewers may find offensive.

'Mind Over Matter' is the debut DVD from one of the UK's most aspiring mentalists, Daniel Dorian Johnson.

Daniel regularly works as a street performer and has learned to satisfy even the toughest of crowds with his unique performance style.

On this DVD you will learn Daniel's five powerful card-based mentalism effects that have been carefully woven into a complete act. Each subsequent effect builds in impossibility.

Each of the effects has been carefully structured for ease of handling, leaving you, the performer, to concentrate almost exclusively upon your presentation.

Topics covered on this DVD include - Direct Mind-Reading, Influence, Hypnosis and Memory Demonstrations ensuring that there is something to please everyone. Stage workers especially will delight at Daniel's solution to the thought-of card plot.

Note: Each of the routines can be performed with a regular shuffled deck of cards.

For further information on the effects, please check below:

BEACH YOU TO IT: An entertainingly 'adult' revelation of a thought-of card. The spectator thinks of a card from a regular shuffled deck and unwittingly gives the mentalist all of the information required to reveal it.

S.O.S TOSSED OUT DECK: This incredible effect ticks all of the boxes. From a spectator's shuffled deck, three cards are thought of by three different spectators whilst the cards are in their own hands. With zero questions asked, the mentalist can name each of the thought-of cards individually.

DEAD SHOT: An open prediction effect where the spectator becomes the star of the show. In this effect, the spectator unerringly manages to locate a single target card from a shuffled deck in use. The spectator's choices are real and the target card can even be displayed in advance.

ABSENT MINDFULNESS: Erase a spectator's memory not once, but twice. In this demonstration, you prove just how malleable the human mind is by inhibiting the entire group's ability to remember a simple series of events. Best of all, you can prove it too.

FALSE MEMORY: In this effect, you are seen to Memorize a spectator's shuffled deck in under 30 seconds. This effect ends with a kicker revelation that your spectators won't forget.

BONUS: Sword swallowing routine (performance only).

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