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  • Manufactured by: Jonathan Royle

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With over 5 hours of training videos included, this package represents a complete step-by-step guide on all areas of Mind Reading, Mentalism & Psychic Cold Reading.

You are also supplied with a 104-page PDF e-book which, as well as teaching you the basics of using Hypnosis & Hypnotic techniques in your work combined with your mentalism, also teaches numerous real world feature-length Mind Reading routines & techniques.

Along the way you will learn how to use a Thumb Writer, One Ahead Principle & the Centre Tear techniques to apparently read people's minds and reveal absolutely anything they may be thinking of.

You will learn various Stacked Deck Set-Ups and ways to use them to create miracles.

The Magician's Choice, aka Equivoque, is taught as are several ways of forcing Cards and other information onto people in a seemingly innocent manner.

Two reputation making routines with ESP cards are included as are several mind blowing Visual Metal Bending approaches, methods to perform Book Tests, and even a Long Distance Mobile Phone Telepathy routine that will amaze even the most experienced of magicians and mentalists.

Fogel's Headline Hunter, a routine where a single word is randomly selected from a newspaper and then either shown to have been predicted in advance or revealed by the performer reading the Spectator's mind, is also demonstrated and taught in a simple step-by-step manner.

You will also learn a Dowsing Routine and Pseudo Psychometry Routines along with a simple to perform Bank Nite Style Experiment.

Then you will discover how to remember all the meanings for divination and fortune telling purposes of the 52 playing cards and also the 78 Tarot cards along with the secrets of how to give simple numerology readings.

Royle then discusses and explains techniques of "Pre-Show" work and also reveals how his Fortune Telling Approaches of Dog's Paw Reading aka Pawology and Navel Gazing aka Psychic Belly Button Reading are performed and how he has used them to gain Media Publicity around the world for many years on a regular basis -- and how you can too.

Psychic Healing is also discussed along with how to perform a demonstration that proves the power of Mind Over Body, together with further insights into how to give effective Psychic Style Readings for people both on a one-to-one basis and also for Entertainment Purposes in front of an audience.

Combine these techniques and insights with the Mentalism and Mind Reading routines and techniques taught within this package and you truly could start a religion if you so desired, so powerful are the methods revealed and explained.

Together with the contents of the PDF e-book this constitutes a package that will take even the novice to advanced professional standard of Mind Reading, Mentalism & Psychic Readings with ease.

Video footage was originally filmed during the mid to late 90's.

Download the e-book and videos, and learn!

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