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MINT BOX (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Daniel Garcia - Trick


I am a fan of Garcia's work. He has solid methods that are typically workable and fun. Mint Box is no difference. The gimmick is simple, visual, fun, and pretty consistent.

Pros: Visual, Fun, Simple, small (in pocket), easily repeatable, and workable.

Cons: Fragile, limited information, and cost.

The Gimmick: When getting the gimmick, there are several warnings to read the instructions or watch the online instructional video before attempting to use the gimmick, for good reason. The way the gimmick is constructed and how it works is not typical to how similar gimmicks work so you can break it. Garcia does not provide refills or instructions to fix the gimmick. If you ruin the gimmick, which in my opinion, will happen over time, there is no real way to fix it unless you source it yourself. With that being said, the gimmick is quite simple, which I really like. Once you get the gimmick to work and understand how it works, it is a deceptive trick. It looks convincing and it allows super clean shows. He also provides suggestions for fun "Instagram" video tricks which is a fun addition. I like the gimmick's organic look since it is made from a real Altoids tin. It is easy to motivate and easy to carry. The box is not easily broken so pocket management is great.

The Instruction: Danny goes over the umbrella information, including the routines shown in the trailer and teaser. The main routine is a solid 2 phase kicker that is pretty easy to do. No real sleights involved except a few basic 101 kind of moves. He goes over each move and explains some variations of how to do it. He then goes over some variations of switching the card for different angles and variations. These are nice to add to that toolbox. The video (an online instruction that you cannot download) is 31:30 minutes long. It does not go over maintenance, other routines, or other uses for the gimmick. Due to the fact that it does not explain how to construct the gimmick, you are unable to modify the gimmick to fit other routines that may involve money, different cards, or billets. I think options for these would provide more bang for the buck, especially since you are paying 60$ for the routine.

Overall: I like this product. It provides a great card to box which can be easily rationalized for performance, the handling is simple and clean, and the reactions are great (since it happens in their hands). This is simple to add to your set and requires minimal new sleights. The downside for me is what you get for this price. I have seen other products come out with more diversity and product than this from other creators costing half the price (or more). In this package, you get the Mint Box gimmick set to go out of the box, a quick instruction guide, and an online instructional video running 31 minutes. I feel that for the price I would walk away with some refills, more (creative) routines, and some cool interesting applications for this. I have heard mention of another Altoid DVD being brought up that is similar. I feel that those DVDs do well in conjunction. You can do many of the same moves from the other DVD with Mint Box that could make the tricks more impactful and impromptu.

Overall I rate this an 8/10. Mint Box is an amazing gimmick that is simple and workable, however, it can be damaged and you are out of luck at this time and you are left with only one/two routines to do with this (if you do not count the Instagram video trick).
Date Added: 05/09/2018 by Chris Wiehl


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