MINT BOX (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Daniel Garcia - Trick


I got this in the mail today. After playing around with it for about 5 hours I have started creating my own routine where a card turns to mints then ends up in the tin where it visually turns back into mints and the actual card is wherever I choose to have it appear.
I doubt I'll show anyone but its fun to play with.

The device itself seems like it will last if handled well. The impossible Card location routine is as shown. this device delivers and works extremely well.
The only downside is refills. If there was available cheap refills for people who purchased or if Danny showed how to build it this would be a 5 star review and well worth more than asking price. while not needing often if used heavily you may need a new one every year or so.
Although the steep price may be because many people will try and make them as its a pretty simple concept.
Money well spent and a wonderful utility.

Thank you Danny!!!!
Date Added: 05/09/2018 by Anonymous


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