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MINT BOX (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Daniel Garcia - Trick


This is a solid utility device. It is something so skillfully crafted that if used properly, should fade into the background, even flow out of the spectator's memory,
if they try to reconstruct what they saw (big box, little box, mint box, pill tin). It can be handled as long as the audience can be managed (i.e., not by your 2nd cousin Fred's toddler who sticks things in his nose) but no one will be interested in it. But it is a utility, not an indestructible self-working Tenyo miracle. Don't buy it, break it and downgrade it because you don't want to put in the mental and muscle (and character acting) practice. Don't buy this for your 8 year old grandson. The vid is excellent, comprehensive but does not spoon feed you moves. You must watch and listen and adapt move for your own center of gravity (sometime's Daniel's is behind him I think). Fragile? No more than a Fantasio product. Highly recommended for the pro, semi-pro and hobbyist with benefits (you know who you are).
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