Anywhere Bill 2 by Ken Driscoll - Trick
Anywhere Bill 2 by Ken Driscoll - Trick
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Mint-O (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Liam Jumpertz - Trick

  • SKILL LEVEL: Beginner
  • Manufactured by: Vanishing Inc.

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A COMPLETE sellout sensation at Magic Live and Blackpool!

Imagine the scene: when traveling to Australia, we saw a young man performing a FANTASTIC street show. And amidst the classics, he did something we had NEVER seen, and the crowd went crazy - a range of emotions, from screaming to covering their eyes to laughing to silently dazzled.

Consider these important points:
  • Mint-O is performed with a borrowed mint
  • There are no angle restrictions
  • You can use headphones, a necklace, or any thin cord
  • You'll even learn a version where you can hand the mint out at the end!
The magician borrows or has examined a set of headphones, and pops an examined mint (Lifesavers, Polo) in his mouth. Then, biting down for an instant on the length of headphones, the mint is now PENETRATED onto the cord. It's as if someone crossed an impossible puzzle with a magic trick... and it's fantastic!

Mint-O has the same qualities as Needle-Swallowing but is much quicker and more palatable to family audiences. It uses the mouth in a hilarious and unexpected way. The effect is easy to learn, easy to perform, and has NO restrictions in terms of angles, repeating, making anything, or props wearing out. You supply your own package of mints and can then perform the trick ANYWHERE: on stage, in the street, or walking around.

Gimmicks included. Online video instructions.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 22 February, 2019.

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    • Q. After you show that the mint has penetrated the cord, can the spec immediately inspect it?
    • A. As a regular human being, if you saw someone put a mint inside of their mouth and manipulate it with their tongue, how many people do you think would WANT to handle it after it was spit out and offered to them? No one. I don't know if anyone who would want to inspect a breath mint after it was in someone else's mouth. Plus, no one will want to examine this thing because they get to fully inspect it BEFORE the trick even starts. The handling is very clever. The spectator can literally open up the mints.....hand one to you......you toss it into your mouth, link it, and then show yourself chewing it up into little pieces when it's over. There is no way that a person isn't going to be convinced by this illusion. HOWEVER, there are handlings taught which show you how you can hand out the mint for examination when you're finished (although again, we doubt anyone is going to want to examine something that was just in your mouth).

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