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Mother Of All Book Tests 2.0 by Ted Karmilovitch

  • Manufactured by: Ted Karmilovich


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Mother of all Book Tests 2.0 by Ted Karmilovich
The basic effect A spectator is invited to take a readable and examinable book, open it to any page, and is invited to think of any word on that page. The performer, without touching the book or approaching the spectator, reveals the word in the simplest, most startlingly direct manner ever! It truly has to be seen to be believed. 
The ultimate any-word-on-any- page method. MOAB is so simple to perform, so direct, and powerful. This is the book test a select group of professionals are using to blow their audiences away. 
  • Can be performed for an audience of one to one thousand.
  • Close up, walk-around, stage, radio and TV.
  • Anytime, anywhere
  • All pages different
  • Nothing written down
  • No stooges, instant or otherwise
  • No preparation
  • No counting
  • No gimmicks
  • No angles
  • No prompters
  • No peeks
  • No glimpses
  • No sleights
  • No anagrams
  • No forces
  • No short pages 
What’s new?

Softcover version Less weight, easier to carry around. The text is 13-point size so the spectator can see it even in low lighting. Spacing (leading) of the lines is greater to provide more white space, making it easier for spectator to read.
New list of words

A different list of words than Mother of all Book Tests 1.0. All of which you can describe and/or duplicate. If you own version 1.0, you can now use 1.0 and 2.0, hand them both out.
Adrian Bint Ploy

Adrian Bint’s ‘no-pump’ handling of the first letter.
Venue object revelation

Most of your performances take place in one of the following venues:
Auditorium, banquet hall, country club, home, niteclub, outdoors, restaurant, walk-around. We have compiled a list of 225 common and uncommon objects that can be found in these venues. 
When you arrive at the location, you select the object you want to dramatically locate during your show. A spectator “freely” selects a word (the object) from the book and concentrates. Incredibly, you are able to lead them to it in a dramatic fashion!
Reverse book test
In this mindblowing routine – created by Bob Baker – the spectator becomes the mindreader. You open the book to a page, put your finger on a word, and tell the spectator you will attempt to mentally project that word to them. They call out a word. You then show them the word that you are pointing at. They match!
Name game
In this effect, the spectator picks a word. You walk out into the audience, searching around. Stopping at a woman, you then ask the spectator to call out what he is thinking. The word he is thinking of happens to be a person’s name, lets say ‘Mary.’ You ask the person you stopped at what her name is. It’s Mary!
The spectator focuses on a sentence that describes a series of actions. They hold onto your wrist as you walk into the audience and physically re-enact these thought-of steps!
The book test that crosses over
Do you perform traditional magic? Book tests are mostly associated with mentalism. If you don’t perform mentalism, then you probably don’t use book tests. MOAB 2.0 re-writes the rules.
We’ve redefined the book test by including effects that can be used by magicians. MOAB 2.0 makes possible new and inventive presentations for those who perform effects such as:
  • PK Touches
  • Card to Wallet
  • Ring Flite
  • Any Card, Any Number
  • Jackpot Coins
  • Stigmata
  • Ashes on Arm
  • Equivoque
  • Watch steal 
... and over two dozen more magic effects involving cards, coins, cell phones, business cards, and everyday items. 
Included is Ted Karmilovich’s Killer Invisible Deck routine! A totally unique take on the standard effect using MOAB 2.0.
Non-traditional magic
Other effects in the book can be used for mentalism, bizarre magick,  seances, mind control, and hypnosis.
Routines and tips
New routines, tips and performing techiniques are covered, enabling you to deliver maximum impact to your audiences.
It’s no longer ‘just a book test’
Welcome to the dawn of a new era. Questions
Q. I have the original hardcover MOAB (1.0). What’s the benefit of owning both?
A. You now have two different sets of long words. This means you can involve twice as many people, and read twice as many minds.
Q. Will the original hardcover MOAB (1.0) still be available?
A. Yes. It’s priced at $350.00
Q. MOAB 2.0 offers an astonishing array of unique presentations and dozens of mindblowing effects and routines that will take one’s performance to a spectacular new level. This is obviously a tool to create miracles. With all of the ground-breaking advancements made possible by MOAB 2.0, will the price be much higher than the original?
A. Nope. Only $395.00



In 1995, the Mother of all Book Tests was released. Here’s what customers said about it:
"The Mother of all Book Tests is far and away the best. No fishing, no fumbling, no devious paths to the revelation. It's the greatest."Lawrence Miller, Peekskill, NY
"The finest any-word-on-any-page item of this type I have ever seen."Donald Wallace, Magic Books by Post, England
"I hate to memorize. This is so simple to perform..." Rich Rau, Washington, IL
"Most book tests are not mentalism, but mental magic. Here is the exception. MOAB is as close as you can get to what a real mindreader would do. It is without question the best and most direct book test I’ve ever seen!"Charles Reynolds, New York, NY
"Fantastic! I did it last night and it was a storming success!"Marc Paul, London, England
"The strongest book test ever." Steven Rivkin, Arlington, VA
"The simplest and most direct book test EVER. I have used it in every situation imaginable. The first time I performed this effect I heard gasps. This is great. Thank you for creating this and making me feel like a "real" mindreader. Don’t sell any more!"Chris Caldwell, Scottsdale, AZ
"After over twenty years on the college circuit, my ESP/Hypnosis show is now hypnosis and one ESP effect – the Mother of all Book Tests."Ken Weber, Author of ‘Maximum Entertainment’, past President of Psychic Entertainers Association
"The spectators freedom of choice and the hands-off feature both give the appearance of genuine mindreading. I have demonstrated this to a few people who now fear me!”"Mark Greenburg, New York, NY
"I find it is one of the most baffling demonstrations and one of the most talked about after the shows."Lon Mandrake, Canada
"What a piece of garbage! A total ripoff. It didn’t fool anyone. Don’t waste your money." (Now hopefully no one will buy it so I can keep it all for myself. I don’t need my competition getting ahold of this gem!) Travis Nelson, Duluth, MN
"It’s all that you say, and more. Too bad it doesn’t sell for more money."Stan Kramien, Portland, OR
"There is no doubt that the Mother of all Book Tests is exactly that...  the greatest. You can bet it will be a feature in ALL my performances!" Dick Christian, Fairfax, VA
"I had never performed a book test before, because they all were puzzles or magic tricks. I bought your MOAB because that’s what the real McCoy would look like. Your MOAB is as close to the real thing as possible. "Diego Domingo, Hollywood, CA
"A great effect that’s almost too straightforward. Now that I’ve got my copy, you can raise the price."Robert E. Cassidy, Seattle, WA
"It was the single item that led to another booking. Because it’s so strong and so easy to execute, I’m free to concentrate on the most important part: my performance."David Fletcher, City Island, NY
"I’ve used it for a few months now and it never fails to shock the audience. I’ve had some priceless reactions when I reveal the word."Ken Grady, Coventry, RI
"I have blown people away with it."David Burmeister, Davenport, IA
"Unbelievable! Everyone I’ve performed this for is ready to either burn me at the stake or set up housekeeping with me in Guyana. There simply isn’t any book test on the market today which comes close to MOAB." Loren Tindall, Colchester, VT
"Greatest !#*&!@% booktest of all !#*&!@% time."Dennis Marks, Hollywood, CA
"One of the most profound yet incredibly simple effects I’ve ever performed as a professional magician. Try it... you will love it."Elliott K. Smith, Mystical Magic
"Many will agree with the slew of endorsers who say this is the best book test on the market and it’s worth any price. My prediction: sold out by the time you read this review." Genii Magazine

Get ready to take your performance to spectacular new heights...

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