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Mountain & City Magic Set by Seth Yang & Coin Key is a beautiful work of art produced by HPG Studio and Secret Factory.

The mountains are in the city, the city is in the mountains; the ploy is to plan and then move.

We want to show the mountain city in the dream as an ideographic world of reality and fantasy. The past and the future are fused into a 54-card concerto with six interesting movements.

Firstly, we use the remounts/stories of the Republic of China as a historical perspective, and draw on the legendary material from the characters. With the hermit, the songbird and the half-immortal as the drawer, we retrace the history of the characters and improve the content structure and complete historical perspective of the deck of cards.

The design and the game flow of the cards are based on/focusing on the ploy. We've set up six main themes for Mountain & City Ploy with additional chips to give it an interesting content.

Mountain & City comes with:
  • Special decks x2
  • The "Wheel of Clock" chip x2
  • Complete instructional PDF (with 4 systems and 6 routines)
Mountain & City Deck consists of a standard 52-card pack with two jokers and two special cards-one is a double back card, the other is a double faced card (its two faces are Aces and Jacks). According to the design idea, there are four main systems.
  • The Notation System (Marking)
  • The Hermit System (Prediction)
  • The Item Reading System (Mind Reading)
  • The Bagua System (Magic)
"Wheel of Clock" chip has 2 secret characteristics.

The instructional PDF contains 4 systems and 6 routines that you can do with Mountain & City Set.

We hope to combine the "magic+" with Chinese traditional culture naturally, so that our magic products can exude its own unique charm during the localization process.

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