Condom to Card (Red) by N2G - Trick

Imagine the moment when you take a condom out of your pocket, how embarrassed ladies would be! Without any cover, this condom will turn into a card! What attracts an audience is that spectator's can sign their names on the card. In fact, this kind of card can be used in performing...

Ready To Ship: Between Oct 2nd and Oct 5th
Quantity Limited - 4 left!

N CARD by N2G - Trick

This is an almost universal card magic prop! Its effect is intuitive and easy to do! Its role is to enhance the effectiveness of many classic card magic routines such as 3 Fly, Invisible Palm, etc. Effectively reduce the exercise difficulty with N Card. It can be performed at any time and anywhere;...

Ready To Ship: Between Oct 2nd and Oct 5th
(Quantity Limited - 21 left!)

N2 Coin Set (Dollar) by N2G Magic - Trick

N2 Coin Set (Dollar) can be used for an extraordinary effect in Coin Through Glass Table. The N2 dollar coin appears to travel through a 1.2cm thick glass (or a deck of 36-38 Bicycle playing cards). It is designed by N2G. Quick and simple to set up Start and finish with empty hands Each side of the...
Sale: $55.25

Ready To Ship: Between Oct 2nd and Oct 5th
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SUPER GLOW SET (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by N2G Magic - Trick

A beautiful glowing thread for the classic "Gypsy Thread" effect! Break the thread into many pieces, and the pieces magically are restored back into one long thread. This thread breaks easily - not painful for your hands! Used with a hidden ultraviolet lamp inside your suit, this amazing glowing...
Sale: $25.50

Ready To Ship: Between Oct 2nd and Oct 5th
(Quantity Limited - 21 left!)


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