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Noé Alejandro Soto Castro

The Vault - Distant Assembly by Alejandro Navas

"Alejandro is pushing the boundaries of what's possible with virtual magic and beyond! Incredible!!!" - Dynamo "Alejandro Navas is an exceptional thinker when it comes to bringing magic into the spectators hands, minds and homes. This ace assembly is no exception. It's...

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The Vault- The Evolution Project 2 Distance by Alejandro Navas

  Incredible, touch free, interactive card magic for live or zoom! The performer, never touches the cards, ever. DIACHRONY (card to pocket) : A card is chosen and lost in the deck. The card appears in the spectator's pocket! SYNC (ACCAM) : Two spectators say a number at random and the...

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The Vault- The Evolution Project by Alejandro Navas

Diabolical, psychological card magic you can do right through your screen! Learn 5 knock out card effects that will take your Zoom performances to the next level! "With this new project of Alejandro Navas you will not only learn how to perform "miracles" in the hands of the spectators, you will...

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