[OPENED BOX] MISTER DANGER 2023 by Tenyo Magic - Trick

STORE NOTE: This box was opened and the English instructions needed to be reprinted, so we reprinted them and put them back into the box.  This is why we are selling it for a discounted price.  All parts and pieces are present in the original box.  Great deal for whoever wants it!

The ultimate sword penetration!


A fully-automatic tabletop illusion!

Insert a solid, person-shaped figurine into the case, and close the lid. The lid contains many small holes directly above the figurine. One by one, insert a sword into each hole, passing each blade right through the person! When you remove the swords and open the lid, the figurine is completely intact, without a single hole or scratch on its body!The figurine fits exactly into the case, with no place to escape the swords.

This magic trick is completely self-working. And, once you learn the clever way it is gimmicked, you will be surprised yet again!

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  • SKILL LEVEL: No Skill Required
  • Manufactured by: Tenyo Co., Ltd.
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