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Peanut Butter & Cheese by Josh Burch - Trick

  • Manufactured by: Penguin Magic (V)


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Red and blue cards are mixed together, they then separate in the most visual way we've ever seen! The cards do ALL the work. Put them in your pocket and you're ready to go!

Watch as three red cards and three black cards visually separate with no sleight of hand. One of the greatest plots in card magic gets a brilliant visual make-over that is as easy as fanning a packet of cards. This is Peanut Butter & Cheese by Josh Burch.

This multi-phase routine comes with specially printed cards that do almost all the work for you. Three red cards with red backs are interlaced with three black cards that have blue backs. In this impossibly visual routine, the cards are shown on the front and back to be thoroughly mixed. In each phase, the cards are shown to visually unmix themselves with no sudden or funny movements.

Josh has boiled down the essential moments into beautifully clear miracles that look like real magic. In the third phase, the cards are spread on the table, and the act of turning them over makes the cards unmix so visually that your audience will audibly gasp. Give your card magic crazy visual kick with Peanut Butter & Cheese by Josh Burch.

"Josh Burch sent me a demo of his new release Peanut Butter and Cheese and I LOVE IT! It’s clean and visual AF!!! Do yourself a favour and grab one while you can!" - Matt Johnson, AGT, The World's Best, The Illusionists, Fool Us

"This is definitely one of the cleanest oil and waters I have ever seen. The use of the colored back makes it so much more visual! All the subtleties and convincers are very well thought out." - Eric Chien, AGT, FISM Grand Prix Winner

"Very clever idea and very clean trick." - Hyunjoon Kim, FISM Award Winner, The Illusionists World Tour

"Oh wow! That fooled me bad!" - Michael Pilkey

"THAT WAS SICK!!! I have no earthly idea what is going on! It's Gorgeous!" - Dena Brady

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