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Plots Ploys and Other Cons by Brent Braun - Book


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Sometimes, you need more than just a collection of tricks.

"...performing insights from a serious pro... really good, really weird, and I enjoyed it a LOT."
- Phill Smith

Imagine if you had the ability to take a normal moment in time and bend it into something profound - sometimes magical, sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes strange, but always meaningful. You have this ability RIGHT NOW, inside you - IF you have the knowledge to tap into it. If only there was a book...

And when Brent locked himself in a hotel room for three days with only his notebooks full of ideas, that is exactly the book he created.

PLOTS, PLOYS, AND OTHER CONS is conceived and assembled by the one man perhaps better qualified to write it than anyone else.

Brent Braun is the man whom serious students of magic come to when they need practical guidance in their effects, shows, and overall game winning strategies. Brent has coached dozens of magicians, including some of the biggest names in the business, and has worked on numerous television projects. A top-notch teacher, performer, and creator of magic, he is highly a sought after teacher and consultant.

Plots, Ploys, and Other Cons grew from the laboratory of Brent's experience. It is practical, emotional, and encouraging. It will teach you about plots, ploys, and other cons, but it isn't about the effects.
  • Page 105 shows you a foolproof watch and wallet steal ANYONE can do RIGHT NOW (It is UNDETECTABLE). Perfect if you're too scared to steal a wallet or watch.
  • Page 79 will probably make you furious, and we're okay with that.
  • The advice on page 11 can help you quadruple your magic income - if you work it.
  • Page 21 teaches the version of the twenty-one card trick Brent actually uses.
  • This ONE PRINCIPLE on page 111 will up your performing game forever.
  • Cheat your friends at UNO and create a moment that lasts forever. Page 57.
  • If you're not moved and inspired by page 125, we don't know what to tell you.
132 pages of genius ideas, information, effects, and theoretical concepts, this is a book on the philosophy of magic and entertainment so well-conceived, you will read it again.

"...filled with incredible inspiration to make your magic better... the most fun thing you read this year!"
- Daniel Martin

"...full of bold ideas and clever to read... the Chair Principle truly rocked my world and instantly elevated my professional walk-around performances. This simple idea is worth the price of this book many times over. I think you're going to love living inside Brent's head for awhile."
- Caleb Wiles

"...create moments that will become the stuff of legend."
- Kevin Reylek

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