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Predict N' Grab V2 by Artur Santos - Trick

  • Manufactured by: Artur Santos


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Predict n' Grab Pro is the most technologically advanced app to force any picture or video on your Instagram profile. Its innovative, hands-free forcing method is 100% reliable, as it was developed with the professional magician in mind.

When you perform with Predict n' Grab Pro, it's under your full control. It's easy to perform and the force itself is almost self-working -- so you can focus on your presentation.

Predict n' Grab Pro is fully customizable: upload your force pictures directly from your device's camera roll (later injected on your profile) or choose it to be one of your own existing Instagram media.

Online video instructions on how to setup, handle and perform Predict n' Grab Pro are included. Three routines are explained, with one of them using both the magician's and spectator's phone:

SUGGESTED PERFORMANCE (photo match routine)

Ask someone in the audience to find you on Instagram. Take the phone and say that you're going to make a prediction of a picture. Lock the screen and get someone else to hold the phone in full view throughout the performance.

Open Instagram on your phone and ask your spectator to hold it and to do a blind scroll through your media (magician is now hands-free and the spectator can stop anywhere they'd like). Turn over both phones and, magically, their selection and your prediction are revealed to be a match!

Both the spectator's and magician's phone can be examined and they will be able to follow your account on the spot.


Looking for a kicker ending? - Photo Grab allows you to cleanly pull out the force picture from your device! Hand out an amazing souvenir that your spectators won't forget (printed cards are included).

Perform cutting-edge impromptu social media magic. Go show off, connect and get followers.Predict n' Grab Pro works both on iPhone and Android devices and no actual app downloads are needed

Predict n' Grab Pro is not sponsored or endorsed by Instagram.

  • The ability to force twice (setup two force pictures instead of just one) and to toggle between them during your performance;
  • Redesigned app backend and interface; Runs much faster on older devices;
  • Multi-language support;
  • Enhancements on the Instagram app interface (adds an extra layer of credibility when performing).

"This is a great product that is current and something very different in the world of App magic. What you receive is a special code that will allow you to customize this for your own Instagram. The version I own works on my iPhone 6 SE but it also works for Android. There is actually NO app to download but a very clever system that will enable you to perform some really cool and modern magic."
- Paul Romhany

"... a well-conceived presentation could allow one to use this to produce a modern miracle."
- Brad Henderson

"This is a great buy for the magician who uses Instagram."
- Jamie Salinas

"Predict n' Grab is a great routine to perform anywhere and anytime. We all have our phones with us 24/7 and now you are always prepared! It is a new way to do a mentalism routine and it pretty much fools everyone."
- Straight Talk Magic

"Still, Predict n'Grab in its simplicity is really effective, because you'll be using Instagram, an app that most people are familiar with, and this will be enough to make the effect incredible."
- Alberto Bassino

"It is quite ingenious how this works."
- Rooster Magic

"I don't just like this, I love this!"
- Ekaterina

"With Predict n' Grab, you'll always have a picture or card force in your back pocket; and you'll always be ready when someone says 'do a trick'."
- Magic Orthodoxy

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