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Suspending Card by Modern Magic
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Private Medium & Fortune Tellers Secret Psychic Cold Reading Notebooks by Nathan Demdyke Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

  • Manufactured by: Jonathan Royle

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Collected and compiled by Nathan Demdyke, this download package includes a photo illustrated PDF eBook with 110 pages of dynamite information. It is accompanied by a file containing over 250 photos of a recently-deceased professional fortune teller's secret psychic notebooks.

This PDF eBook closely examines the works of 30 of the world's most famous psychic spiritualist mediums of the past and present. It reveals the true secrets of how they apparently are able to contact the dead and pass messages on to audience members from people's loved ones on the other side of life.

Legendary names such as Doris Stokes, Doris Collins, Colin Fry, Gordon Higginson and Sylvia Browne are all exposed for the deception artists they were.

Much of this information is revealed from the author's own personal hands-on real-world experience of having worked for, alongside, and/or with these alleged genuine psychics.

Nathan then examines the works of the leading British and American television psychics, mediums and clairvoyants. He provides all the evidence anyone should ever need to truly realize exactly how they all achieve the outcome of appearing real.

Also included within the PDF are some secret links to gain access at no extra charge to several videos. These will teach you exactly how to easily remember the meanings of all 78 cards in a tarot deck and also all 25 meanings of the rune stones.

Together with the images of the pages of the deceased psychics' notebooks, you will also gain insights into palmistry, astrology, numerology, tea leaf reading, aura reading, cartomancy, dice reading, graphology and many powerful techniques of cold reading. When used with care, these techniques will help you give stunningly accurate readings for your clients.

Perhaps one of the most valuable benefits of this package is the extensive book reading recommendations and useful relevant book reviews. These can easily help you speed up your education in all things psychic by helping you to study only those publications of both a shut eye and open eye nature that will truly benefit you on many levels.

Download the eBook and enjoy.

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