Mysteries Anywhere by Pablo Amira and Titanas - Book
Mysteries Anywhere by Pablo Amira and Titanas - Book
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Replacement Magnet Disc - 25mm x 3mm - SINGLE UNIT

  • Manufactured by: MJM Magic

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This is a super strong neodymium magnet, perfect for using in your effects or replacing existing magnets.  Size is 25mm x 3mm.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 10 January, 2019.

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    • Q. I have 50 cent coin that I believe used to conceal a magnet that is now gone (when I separate the 50 cent piece with a bang ring it's empty -you can see where a magnet(?) was once glued in place. Would this magnetic disc fit in hollowed out 50 cent piece?
    • A. We haven't tested it, but if we had to guess, probably not. That's because this unit is 3mm thick, and we would think that it would stick out of the shell (or at least be the same thickness as the shell itself). We want to say that embedded magnets in a shelled coin would be a little smaller and probably less powerful then this disc here, which is very strong. In other words, even if this did fit inside of a half dollar shell, it would be too thick to then slip over a real half dollar (which is the whole point of a shell in the first place. But if you simply need a magnetic disc (perhaps to use under a close up pad or something to secretly attract metallic objects, then this is perfect for that.

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