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Rider-Waite Readers Tarot Marking System by Neil Tobin eBook DOWNLOAD

  • Manufactured by: Neil Tobin

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"Neil Tobin's Rider-Waite Readers Tarot Marking System is the best I've seen, and that includes commercially produced marked tarot decks. It took virtually no time to mark a deck using Neil's instructions, and... even with my aging eyes, I had no difficulty reading the secret markings from more than a foot away. Five stars! Highly recommended."
- Richard Webster

Turn the most widely recognized tarot deck in the world - the plaid-backed Rider-Waite deck from U.S. Games - into a stunningly powerful entertainment tool. Make your tarot readings more amazing. Access a new world of magical repertoire that touches the emotions. This system provides the performer with markings that are bold enough to read at a glance under a variety of real-world lighting conditions, yet subtle enough to fly by the public. They're also scalable, so you can apply them to cards ranging from miniature to jumbo. Get started immediately: no artistic skills or special arts supplies are needed.

Why use a tarot deck without the advantages of a marked deck? Why shell out top dollar for expensively printed packs? This eBook is all you need - and even includes a resource section of effects in the magical literature, along with a new effect by the author.

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