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Rocco's SUPER BRIGHT Prisma Lites Pair (White) - Trick

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Love this purchase. Esp at sale price, worth the duckets. If u r familiar w the retention vanish and passes involving small objects like crochet balls, and have the timing down, then this is an easy and gratifying effect to start performing almost immediately out of the box. Strongly suggest buying Rocco’s instructional dvd along with the device. The instruction is given by the creator of D’lite with performance demonstrations of each technique performed by Rocco. The structure of the instruction is easy to understand, simple, straight-forward, and very very effective. Suggest buying the pair vs the single if u can afford it: allows u the option of performing both single and dual ‘lite efx. Watch a demo of the effect on YouTube, and if u “feel” it then buy it - u won’t regret it,...
Date Added: 03/26/2020 by Alan T.


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