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This is new an improved versions has thicker card stock and is printed with darker and richer inks. No more transparent cards due to light source issues.

You show two packets of larger size cards (5.75" x 3.5") with a different Emoji on them.

Each packet contains one of each of the same Emojis: Winking Face, Poo, Money Bag, Heart & Thumbs Up!

A member from the audience takes either set of cards and you take the other set. You place one of your cards face down on the table as your prediction. Then the spectator places one of their cards face down on the table. Turn them over and they match! This effect has multiple possible outcomes. All of them are simple but each is different.

This effect can be repeated several times and each performance will appear genuine. Each presentation has a possible different outcome. You can match up to all five cards depending on how the events progress. You will never have a miss!

Now supplied with a link to video instructions as well as printed material.

"Ronjo debuted his latest release, Emojination at the 2017 Nemcon. Demonstrating it to 168 plus very happy, excited and fooled attendants. It was, as we expected, a complete sell out. They lined up, well it was more like a mob to get a hold of one. Ronjo traveled to several magic conventions in the USA from 2017-2018 and he took Emojination on the road with him. Magicians of all ages and skill levels went crazy over it. Selling out at TAOM, MAES, IBM/SAM and Magicfest and more. Fast forward to Summer 2022 where it remains our number one seller.You need to trust me and get your hands on this one as soon as possible! It belongs in every magicians and mentalists repertoire. It is rare when an effect comes along, that you will repeat again and again, especially one after the other. Emojination is just such an effect. The more you do it, the more they go crazy, the more they want to see you do it again. Emojinatoion has multiple outs but these multiple outs do not reveal the secret, they only make the effect stronger. Packs small, plays big, perfect for audiences ages 8-88. Easy to do. Fools everyone. I love it and give it my highest recommendation!"
- Peter Albertson - Ronjo Magic

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Customer Service Feedback

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