Sanctuary (Red) Playing Cards

Classic and elegant are synonymous with the temple. It uses classical decorative patterns and church glass paintings as design language, integrating the regular sense of order of lines with beautiful and gorgeous decorations. Paired with ingenious color matching and details - it will be one of the best playing cards you have.

The red and blue models of the temple mainly cater to the needs of cardistry and daily use. The application of imported thin paper and specially adjusted cardistry card oil lays the foundation for excellent hand feel, and the smooth and comfortable cutting edge helps you practice more comfortably. Although the main colors are the two most classic colors in playing cards, we have selected "dark red" and "sapphire blue" two more restrained and steady colors after meticulous color selection and color testing. Just as the Hiddenlight brand declaration - containing light, warm and restrained, it is called the ultimate beauty. I hope that the new color matching presented after transcending the classics will bring you different fun. The first set of universal visual design solutions designed by Hiddenlight are adopted for the display of color points and special cards. While continuing the core of the classic design language, we have made a comprehensive innovative modification plan that is trendy and fashionable, making the design language more dynamic and more adaptable to the times.

In the choice of the third color, we used a fashionable and fresh cyan to contrast with the red and blue, and upgraded the luxurious embossed hot stamping process for the card box. The Sanctuary cyan is not only an excellent daily card, but also a deck of cards suitable for magic - we have added a magic marking system to its back to meet the players' magic needs. The display of suits, points and special cards also adopts the first set of universal visual design solutions originally designed by Hiddenlight, and replaces the card colors with brighter and more vivid watermelon red and cyan. The magic marking system is hidden in the wireframe on the back of the card, which is very convenient for users to identify the suits and points of the cards during the magic process. If you have card magic-related needs, it will be a very good assistant!

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