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Effect1: C.S.I Agents
The 2 red and black jacks are placed down on the table. A spectator selects a card, and it gets signed by the spectator and the magician. The card are now lost in the piles. The spectator cuts the deck into 2 piles. The 2 black jacks are placed on top on one of the piles face up, and cut into the middle. The spectator holds the deck in there hand and cover it up with the other hand. The 2 red jacks is placed one by one face up on the other pile and the spectator can now cuts red jacks into the middle of the pile. After a while the magician picks up the pile with the red jacks, and spread them out.In between the 2 red jack is the signed card. The magician now takes the 3 cards out of the pile, and ask the spectator to move there hand from the pile.The magician now drops the 3 cards face up on top on the spectators pile. Instantly the 2 red jacks are removed and the selection is disappeared. The spectator now spread out the pile, and in between the 2 black jacks are now the selection.

Effect 2: Another Sandwich
The red and black jacks are placed on the table. The spectator selects a card and it gets signed by the spectator. The deck is cut into piles.The black jacks are placed face down in one of the piles. The selection is placed face down, between the face up red jacks. The 2 red jacks is placed on top of the other piles. This pile is now placed on the pile with the black jacks. The card disappeared from the 2 red jacks, and the 2 black jacks are now face up. In between the black jacks are the chosen signed card.

Effect 3: One More Sandwich
Same as effect 2, but the black jacks are placed face up in one pile.

Effect 4: One More Sandwich 2
Same as effect 3, just another handling.

Effect 5: La Ville Sandwizcho
The spectator takes a card. It gets lost in the deck. The deck I shuffled. The magician says "We need 2 helpers - The jack of diamonds and the jack of hearts." The magician now spells to "Jack of diamonds" dealing one card at the time to the table. On the last letter "s" there is the jack of diamonds.The deck is shuffled again and now the magician spells to the jack of hearts. On the last letter is the jack of hearts. The 2 red jacks is placed in the center of the deck. The magician spread the cards out and in between the 2 red jacks are the selection. The 2 red jacks are placed face down, with the chosen card face up on the table. The magician says "I will find the 2 black jacks also", and in flash the magician holds 2 cards. But something has go wrong, because this is now the 2 red jacks and on the table with the chosen card in between is now the black jacks. If we were playing poker 4 jacks is a very good hand, but the magician now cuts to the 4 aces in anyway you like and say this is much better hand. Aces 4 of a kind. You can also just deal 5 poker hands and you will have the Aces - 4 of a kind.

Effect 6: La Ville Tantalizer Sandwich
A card is selected and lost in the deck. The magician says that the jack of diamonds and jack of hearts will find the card. The cards are dealt out into 2 piles until there is only 3 cards left.The card to the left is the jack of diamonds, the card to the right is the jack of hearts and in the middle is the chosen card. The chosen card is placed face up between the 2 face down red jacks on the table. The magician will try to find the black jacks, and in a flash the magician are holding 2 cards.This the red jacks. The red jacks are placed face up on the table. The other 2 cards that are on the table.No it's the 2 mates to the chosen card, and in between the 2 red jacks are now the last mate to the chosen card. The magician now say that 4 of kind is a very good poker, and you will try to beat the spectators 4 of kind. You can now produce the 4 aces in anyway you like, or deal 5 poker hands.You will have 4 of kind with the aces. You can also end up with a royal flush.

Skill: Intermediate

Duration: 55 min.

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