SARL Edi Rudo

The Undressed Deck by Edi Rudo

A standard deck of playing cards in which all the cards have gone naked! By Edi Rudo and team. In the Undressed Deck , you'll discover what the cards really look like under their fancy clothes! We took all the cards from the original Bicycle Card® design and ditched the clothing ! We re-designed...

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The Undressed Deck SOCKS by Edi Rudo

The Undressed Deck presents The Undressed Deck SOCKS ! Inspired by the Undressed Deck, these SOCKS are perfect for any occasion. They'll bring a touch of sophistication and flair to any outfit. You can now stay warm and feel undressed at the same time! Our cotton socks are made in Poland by KABAK ,...
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Ready To Ship: Between May 11th and May 12th
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