Scott Olgard

Newton's Touch by Luke Jonas and Scott Olgard Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

Newton's Touch is something that everyone can perform without any card handling skills. It also opens the door to being able to perform some of the great classic plots within magic and mentalism with ease. This leaves the performer to concentrate on the performance as a whole rather than focusing...

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The Alice In Wonderland Book Test (Limited 250) by Luke Jonas with Olnas Magic - Trick

Limited to only 250 units. Will not be remade. From the creative mind of Luke Jonas, co-creator of the Jekyll and Hyde Test, comes a new, perfectly created book test with truly uncapped potential that will withstand the test of time for any performer. Created with the performer in mind. Welcome, to...
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Forget to Remember

Forget to Remember

I Liked the immediate response from Jeff. Thank you Jeff

Great Service

First time ordering with MJM. It was GREAT. I blotched my payment method and I requested to change my order. MJM responded back within a few hours...

great customer service!

ms. brandi thank you! your response completely met my needs and came within 24h - amazing! you r so helpful and kind! (and cool pic btw)

Best Online Magic Store

What I really like about MJM Magic is their website. It's totally user friendly. By that I mean it's not filled with with "garbage" that you find on...


I appreciated the quick and professional way my problem was handled. Looking forward to receiving my order. Also, I love Richard Sanders stuff....