Secrets of Silk Magic - Vol. 1 - by Duane Laflin

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Secrets of Silk Magic - Vol. 1 - by Duane Laflin

This is the first program in Duane's new teaching series on silk magic. The intent it is to create a college level of instruction about working with silk for magical purposes.

Although there is one complete routine explained on this program, the information is not about routines. It is specifically and exactly about how to use a silk fountain.

Learn how make a fountain, how to fold a fountain, how to put a final load in a fountain, how to make a "easy release" holder for your fountain, how to hold a fountain for production, how to steal a fountain from your table, how to reduce the effect of static electricity on the silks in a fountain, and how to customize a fountain for a theme or particular style. With up close camera work you will see how folding is done, how the release system is gripped, and how the fountain is presented to achieve maximum effect and impact. You will also learn one complete routine where, with just one 18" silk and a gimmick containing some 12" silks, you end up with a bubbling fountain of color that seems to have come from nowhere. Valuable information that is hard to find from other sources, some of it may be nearly impossible to find.

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