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An effortless ACAAN (Any Card At Any Number) that the audience performs for themselves.

  • Completely self-working
  • Can be done close-up, parlor or on-stage
  • Uses a regular pack of 52 cards
  • No memorization, mathematics or improvisation
Here is the breakdown:

A deck gets divided into 2 halves of 26 cards each. Spades & Hearts and Clubs & Diamonds. In short, both halves have Ace to King of both red and black colors.

Participant 1 deals down one of the halves and stops anywhere he/she desires. The card gets turned over. To make things random, the participant again deals down to the value of the turned over card.

Now that participant 1 has a completely random card, participant 2 takes his/her pile and deals to the same value (of the turned over card) as participant 1.

Both the cards are placed aside.

The cards before and after their cards are revealed and they don't match.

But incredibly the cards that the participants stopped at are a perfect match in terms of color and value.

Also includes 2 bonuses:

A self-working Card At Any Number and A hybrid of Card At Any Number, Equivoque and simple improvisation.

Honest Note: Both the S.W. ACAAN and the bonuses require a surface to deal the cards on. All of them are easy enough for a month-old beginner, but pulling off the bonuses does require some experience.

PDF: 18 Pages
Video: 15 minutes

Download the PDF and video and learn this effect!

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