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Effect 1:

Take a small pebble out of your pocket, explain that you picked it up at the water's edge during one of your trips.

Among thousands of pebbles that day, a strange SENSATION pushed you towards it and not any other.

Since that time, you have always kept it in your pocket as a lucky charm!

Give it to your audience and ask them if they too feel something when they touch it? While the pebble is being passed around among your spectators, take out 3 small empty matchboxes.

Give them to your audience to examine, they are absolutely ORDINARY! Your spectators can open them, close them, etc ... there is nothing to see since they are 3 simple matchboxes and nothing else, I promise!

Explain to your audience that you will tum your head or even leave the room so that you'll see nothing!

Meanwhile, one of your spectators will put the pebble in one of the boxes and close it... The other boxes will also be closed of course.

The 3 boxes are closed by your spectators, they are all laid out on the table next to each other!

Only one box contains your pebble, your lucky charm!

You are now invited to come back or face the table again...

As on this beach, a strange feeling overcomes you, then...

Take out a 10 Euro bill for example and say that if this feeling is wrong, the bill will go to the person who placed the pebble in one of the 3 boxes!

Your hands are empty, you don't touch the boxes!

Simply ask your spectators to swap the first box with the second.

Slowly, the spectator executes!

To be sure, ask them to swap the second box with the third one as well!

I don't need to tell you that there is not the slightest sound!

Needless to say, nothing, absolutely nothing, can distinguish the empty boxes from the box containing the pebble!

As on the beach, you are inexorably attracted by one of the 3 boxes!

Point to it and ask your audience to open it, the pebble is inside!

Your spectators themselves open the other two boxes They are of course empty.

Everything, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING can be examined!

There is nothing to see! An unfathomable mystery!

Effect 2:

Instead of using the small pebble, why not take 2 lighters out of your pocket! One red and one black for example.

Put your hands behind your back and come back out with a closed fist.

Where is the red lighter you ask?

One chance in two and your spectator will point it out to you without any hesitation!

Explain that since you were a child, you have had this ability to guess colors without seeing them!

Give the two lighters to a spectator and invite him to take one in each hand, closed fist! Just like you did at the beginning!

As in the previous routine, you are not looking and it is impossible to guess exactly where the red lighter is and where the black lighter is!

Face your spectators again and without the slightest hesitation you guess that the red lighter is in the right hand and the black one in the left hand for example!

This experiment can be presented again and again and each time you guess without error the location of the two lighters!

No one will win the 10 Euro bill! You risk nothing!

  • SENSATION really works like the two routines described!
  • Nothing in your hands, no electronics, no accomplice, no marking.
  • Ultra easy!
  • The method will drive you crazy!
  • Feel free to imagine your own stories to make SENSATION in the evening!
SENSATION is delivered FULL:

Boxes, 2 lighters of different colors, pebble, gimmick and online instruction.

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