Seth Race

NyctoPHile by PH Ontheroof and Nonplus Productions video DOWNLOAD

One moment, a pack of cards - the next moment, the cards are encased in their box! The perfect NO GIMMICKS opener/closer to add to your card routines. Hit them hard! From the book "Philia" by the creative powerhouse PH comes an effect so good it had to be taught on video! NyctoPHile is a NO...

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Porous by Seth Race (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Seth Race - Trick

"Not only did it fool me the first time I saw it, but when I saw the method I realized that it was also SUPER PRACTICAL AND MOTIVATED!" - Alex Latorre Porous gives you the ability to reveal a vanished Sharpie logo INSIDE a bill! This is a SUPER FUN routine with a KICKER ENDING that happens in the...

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W.M.D. (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Seth Race - Trick

"If you're looking for a WTF moment... W.M.D. has got it for you!!!" - Eric Jones "I love this hyper-visual modern take on the Matrix, made for the worker in mind!!" - Rodney Reyes "I'm a huge fan of Matrix effects and what I just saw blew my mind! I'll be waiting by the mailbox for this one. Love...

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Zephyr by Seth Race video DOWNLOAD

Introducing Zephyr... A revolutionized PK concept that allows you to be a jedi, give you control over elements, or use it to seemingly call forth a ghost for an opener to any haunted routine. Effects Included: PK Senses - With this concept you can have someone feel what another person has felt...

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