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SHARP SHOT by Taiwan Ben


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This is one of the best tricks I've bought this year it's pen Thru bill basically on steroids more...
Date Added: 06/13/2017 by Evan from Vegas
For me, Taiwan ben is stepping up the game on pen thru bill, I love how he can create the pen...
Date Added: 06/13/2017 by Damien Aditya
Even if you had a pretty good idea from the Video how the gimmick works, the quality of it and the...
Date Added: 06/13/2017 by Todd Opray
I actually own the pen versions of this trick and people really never fall for it. Well that has...
Date Added: 06/13/2017 by Dopemagic
No setup, no reset. The prop is diabolical. You get it and you think you know what it is but it IS...
Date Added: 06/13/2017 by Jonathan Todd Excelsior
Sharpshot is a trick that comes with a great, sturdy gimmick and great instruction. I highly...
Date Added: 06/13/2017 by Anonymous


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