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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy:

Since we carry over 12,000 unique items, we have them stored in multiple warehouses.   Some are local, and others are further away.   Therefore, we display the shipping times for each item on our website on the product's page.

90% of our huge inventory will ship within one business day.   For everything else, please refer to the "Ready To Ship" dates that are underneath your item(s) to get an idea of when your order will ship.

NOTE: We typically will ship the entire order at one time *unless otherwise instructed by you in the Order Comments.   So if you have a mixture of items in your order, with some ready to ship today and others ready to ship in 5 days, the entire order will ship in 5 days, etc.    If you request to split the order, we will set aside the remaining items and either include them (for free) in your NEXT order......or we can send you an invoice to pay for the second shipping charge, and you can have them ship separately.

Free Shipping and Worldwide Shipping - Click Here for more Info.

Return & Cancellation Policy:

Note: We will not accept any returns unless it is approved through our customer service department first. Any return sent back to us without proper authorization may be sent back to you at your cost.

We stand by all of our products here at MJM Magic.

If, however, you do receive something from us that is defective or damaged (perhaps due to its transportation via the Postal Service), or a manufacturer defect, we will gladly exchange it with a new one, free of charge, as long as you send the defective item back to us.

Only damaged or defective items will be accepted for a full exchange for the exact same thing.

We are not a Magic Rental company.   Any items purchased that you just don't like are not eligible for a return, since we have lots of tools in place to help you decide on the right products before purchase.

If you would like to RETURN something that is brand new and unopened (without an exchange), we can sometimes make an exception and accept back those as long as it's within the 30 day warranty period.   Keep in mind that you are responsible for the return shipping (a prepaid label can be issued upon request, which will be deducted from your refund), and there is a minimum 20% restocking fee.   If the item comes back damaged, missing anything, or materially different than what was shipped, the restocking fee will be increased to 50% or the return may be refused.

There are NO RETURNS for OPENED Media Related items (opened books or opened DVD's).    Only exchanges for the exact same thing according to the policy above.   (For example, if a DVD won't play for you, we will freely exchange it for another disk, or we can make you a digital download of the DVD without you sending anything back).   If we make an exception for you and accept a Media Return without Exchange, please understand that your opened media may be subject to a 50% restocking fee.

Any unopened media (sealed books and DVD's) can be returned as long as it's within the 30 day period.   A 20% restocking fee will be deducted for sending back the unwanted item.

Exceptions: We occassionaly will make exceptions for our customers.   For example, if you want to return something and you're willing to get Store Credit back, we usually can lower or waive the restocking fee. 

Cancellations: You may cancel any order or item that hasn't shipped without any penalties whatsoever.   Once an order ships though, it's subject to the return policy above.

Return Shipping Charges: You are responsible for the shipping charges to send back an item you no longer want or need.   We can send you a Prepaid Return Label upon request, and we can simply deduct that cost from your refund.  If exchanging an item that is defective, you will not be charged for the return label.

Time Limitations: We will only issue exchanges/returns for defective items within 30 DAYS of purchase. That's our in-store warranty period.  Anything after that time would need to be taken up with the vendor or manufacturer of the item.

There are many reasons for this.  Most importantly, we as a store usually only have 30 days to return any defects to the vendor who ships them to us.  If you purchase an item and wait longer than 30 days to contact us, then the vendor won't accept the return.  If they don't accept the return, then they don't issue a credit.  And if they don't issue a credit, that means YOU aren't compensated.  This is why it's important to notify our team quickly if you have a defective item, so that we can authorize you to return it and we can get you a credit from the vendor.

If you wait longer than the 30 day in-store time period, then it's your responsibility to try and take the issue up with the manufacturer of the item.

Another reason for the 30 day time-period is to prevent people from using perfectly good items, then damaging them and expecting us to pay for the new ones. The same goes with DVD's. If you order a DVD and then a few weeks go by before you say, "It's damaged," we are not entitled to replace it for you. This is why we give a 30 day grace period to check out all your merchandise to see if it's acceptable to you. We have made exceptions in the past, but this is our general rule which we adhere to at our discretion. We reserve the right to deny any return claim at any time.

Other returns (or cancellations before shipping) may be subject up to a 20% Return Processing Fee when refunding your money or getting store credit.

Downloads: There are absolutely no returns on any virtual, downloadable or streaming items.

Price Adjustments

We have no problem adjusting prices to match a competitor before you make a purchase. In fact, if you purchase something with us and then find it cheaper somewhere else (within 2 weeks of purchase), we will credit you the difference! However, anything after the two week grace period will not apply.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please Contact Us.


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