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Sibyl by Phedon Bilek

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With Proteus, Phedon demonstrated the place propless methods hold in the way he views mentalism. With his new release, Sibyl, he now throws in what he calls the "Alpha and the Omega": Connecting with your sitter at a level never reached before.

Imagine touching someone's soul, using nothing but your words. Anytime. Anywhere. Knowing things about them, sensing their very feelings. Sibyl redefines "emotional mentalism" and will open a new dimension in the way you interact with your spectator.

You will learn Phedon's unique ways to tap into someone's emotions and his original methods for revealing and answering a sitter's questions and concerns. With De Profundis and S.C.R.E.W.E.D., Phedon gives away two of his most cherished routines which will get you as close to being "real" as you have ever been. Both propless and relying on a mechanical method, they are impromptu and surefire.

With Caffeine-Free, you will be able to tell a complete stranger things about her personality, her past, her present and her future-with nothing but a sheet of paper-in an engaging, mysterious, conversational style. Even the pen is optional!

With Delphi, Phedon shares his way to reveal not only a name, but also facts and personality traits of a thought-of person that no one could have known. So much so that the revelation of the name is just the cherry on top.

Hermes will allow a friend of yours to become a psychic over the phone, making hit after hit before, if you want, revealing the name of the person your spectator is thinking of. This is absolutely surefire-as long as your friend picks up the phone.

Along with these routines come the techniques and subtleties that make them so unique and so potent. For the first time, Phedon shares his concept of PRISM, which will literally set you free if readings are scaring you. He goes into all the details explaining his journeys, which turn a reveal into a novel, mysterious, magical and unforgettable experience, touching your sitter's very soul.

Subtleties such as the Blank Piece Disconnect and Wait-a-Second, techniques such as Under-the-Radar and his personal handling of the Acidus Novus peek will make their way straight into your arsenal, as they already have for other professional performers who have been introduced to this material.

No stone has been left unturned; every move, action and process is justified, and host Titanas has made sure everything is thoroughly explained.

Customer Reviews:

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by Madison
Date Added: 01/19/2019
You may know Phedon from his first release to the mentalism community: “Proteus” featuring “MindPeek” — the propless drawing duplication. I was lucky enough to get to know Phedon through that release, and I am now privileged to call Phedon a close friend. He is an incredible human with a big heart and an immense love for this craft.
“Sibyl” is a new release of his which will be coming out very soon. Admittedly, it’s a little different to Proteus; it is much more in tune with Phedon’s thinking. You can look at it this way: Proteus was just a sliver of Phedon’s mind. Sibyl is a full exploration of his outlook on mentalism.

As a disclaimer, I received an early release of this project, but my thoughts which follow are not affected by the fact that I received this for free. The thoughts posted below would be the same even if I paid full price.

If you thought Proteus was good, just wait until you’ve seen “Sibyl.” I will be totally honest, I was scared for Phedon after he released Proteus; I was afraid he released his best effect first, and he would never able to top it.

This, my friends, tops Proteus by leaps and bounds.

Sibyl is a collection of emotional mentalism which will leave a long lasting impact on your participant. In this project you won’t find anagrams, starsigns, or playing cards. Rather, this project teaches you how to do things that look, feel, and practically ARE real. There are no pipe dreams here—just fool proof, mind to mind communication taught through a 3 1/2 hour long dvd and an accompanying pdf file.

What you’re learning here is an entire system which teaches you everything you need to know literally from beginning to end with no stone left unturned. This is emotional mentalism of the highest caliber; it allows you to connect to your participant on a deeper level than simply, “is this your card?” or “is this your number?”

This release made me reevaluate what is important about mentalism. In so many mentalism releases, the focus is entirely on how to retrieve the information, and there is no emphasis placed on how to reveal said information. This project is different. This project explores how to reveal that information in the most meaningful way possible which connects you to the participant in a profound way. I’ll briefly go through some of the stand outs of the project.

“Caffeine-Free” is a system that allows you to tell your participant things about themselves that they have never told anyone. In some ways, it’s a reading system, but in many ways, it is so much more than that. It is casual, conversational, emotional, and seems scientific rather than metaphysical. As someone who has never been fond of giving “readings,” I will be using this system. It is absolutely incredible and uses nothing but a blank piece of paper (and for added effect, you can use a pen as well, but it isn’t required.)

“S.C.R.E.W.E.D” is genuinely one of the most moving and powerful pieces I have witnessed. It creates a visceral emotional response within the participant and confirms events from their past which would be impossible for you to know. It pairs perfectly with the next technique taught: Phedon’s Journey.

“Phedon’s Journey” is a technique you can implement (especially in SCREWED) which allows you to reveal information you’ve harvested in a very theatrical, and yet totally personal and private way. This is what emotional mentalism is all about. This also leaves the participant with very visual images which I truly believe will resonate with them for months or even years to come.

The “Wait-A-Second” ploy is genius. In certain situations, it will hit and it will hit big. When it does, you get an inexplicable hit without any prior information and without any extra work. If it doesn’t hit, it disappears completely. Note: it doesn’t miss. It’s difficult to explain, but essential this is a line which will either hit and hit very hard, or be non-existent. It can never miss.

“Prism” is a system which allows you to reveal information you’ve harvested without worrying about hits or misses. This basically allows you to give a reading about the participant without having to worry or fear being “wrong.” With this system, it is literally impossible for you to be wrong. It will connect with the participants on an impossibly deep and guttural level. Combine this with some of the techniques taught earlier, and you are looking at something so strong, it could start a religion. This is the ultimate system, and I will be using it. This is also perfect for those who are wanting to do a Q&A routine, but are scared about answering the questions. With this system, you can answer questions without fear. This is gold, and it should not be overlooked. This is worth the price of the project, no doubt.

“Hermes” is a wonderful effect which is actually taught quite quickly. Blink, and you’ll miss it. It allows you to perform a “wizard” type effect with a friend over the ph

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Miltos
Date Added: 01/19/2019
I would have payed $100 just for S.C.R.E.W.E.D. It's in my repertoire the last 10 months.The effects are gold and roadtested.I have seen people crying when Phedon is performing this material.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Markus Pfeil
Date Added: 01/19/2019
I have ordered Sibyl with Proteus in mind and I expected a similar, linear approach to each effect (as I find this approach brilliant in Proteus). It is not so. Sibly gives distinct effects that is true, but more so it gives several brilliant pieces of methodology, scripts and ways of connecting to the spectator. Nicos review above is an excellent one in all these points. The prism is absolutely fantastic, as well as the "wait a second" but for me the most exciting thing is the way you bring a modular script, a few uncomplicated methods and a fine premise to the table and generate deeply moving pieces of mentalism that can be fitted to all situations. Also the journey concept is a wonderful way to generate rapport beyond what I would consider achievable in a reading like effect. So as to "Stock Lines", they are old as the hills, but Phedon organised them in such a way that for once, they cannot be denied (and then salvaged by ignoring the spectator) and always help your cause. Excellent stuff.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by 252Life
Date Added: 01/19/2019
This is strong material.

I hate to be that guy, but I am at the moment...I almost wish this was priced way higher, or was a limited release.
If you want to give jaw dropping, powerful, readings, get this.
I am a full time mentalist/reader. I have a library of material on my shelves, and Sibyl stands toe to toe with any of it. This will be a referenced classic one day I'm sure.
This release covers everything from cold reading, scripting, justification, Acidus Novus, and more.
With performance examples.
The included PDF is as well written as the DVD is filmed.
Both are clear, professional, and well paced.

Phedon lays out an incredibly well structured, systematic, layered approach.
None of it is pie in the sky stuff, and has obviously been worked hard, in the real world.
Thankfully this will take a bit of attention and study.
Whatever your level, if you are serious about mentalism, get this.
I'd go so far as to say, this is one of my most satisfying mentalism purchases of all time, at any price. (let alone $50..)
I don't say that lightly, and it's a first.

Good luck, and Happy New Year :)

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 07 January, 2019.

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    • Q. Is this a difficult or advanced routine? Is memorization required?
    • A. From Phedon: "That’s difficult to answer. Technique wise it’s dead easy. Now, regarding other aspects I’d say that some skills are required. Like acting skills. A certain level of spectator management. Confidence. Things that usually are lacking in a beginner’s case. But nothing is absolute. Memorization...? Yes, there is. But not what you think. Nothing like memorizing diagrams or systems à la Proteus. Here, you’ll need to memorize lines, and the structure of a couple of routines. Things that, once understood, are logical and shouldn’t require any particular effort. But that’s just me. Someone might see this as daunting. In a sentence: Sibyl will need some effort. But that’s the price to pay. And for the freedom it will give you, it’s negligible. Consider that for your entire life you’ll carry, everywhere, the power to convince your audiences they met a real psychic. Nothing less. And I do measure my words. "

    • Q. I'm a beginner to mentalism. Would this be appropriate for me as a beginner? I don't want to spend $50.00 on something that is very difficult to learn. And in what format does this come? DVD? Download?
    • A. This is a DVD, and it's getting RAVE reviews (see some of the reviews now published on our website). Some are saying they would pay MORE for it, that's how valuable it is to them. The skill level is rated as a Beginner, but it's still emotional mentalism, meaning you will need to practice and learn the routines to pull them off. But the techniques taught are solid and something that you'll use. Also reference the other question asked on this product entitled, "Is this a difficult or advanced routine? Is memorization required? "

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