Sibyl by Phedon Bilek

  • Model: SIBYL
Date Added: 01/19/2019

5 stars

I have ordered Sibyl with Proteus in mind and I expected a similar, linear approach to each effect (as I find this approach brilliant in Proteus). It is not so. Sibly gives distinct effects that is true, but more so it gives several brilliant pieces of methodology, scripts and ways of connecting to the spectator. Nicos review above is an excellent one in all these points. The prism is absolutely fantastic, as well as the "wait a second" but for me the most exciting thing is the way you bring a modular script, a few uncomplicated methods and a fine premise to the table and generate deeply moving pieces of mentalism that can be fitted to all situations. Also the journey concept is a wonderful way to generate rapport beyond what I would consider achievable in a reading like effect. So as to "Stock Lines", they are old as the hills, but Phedon organised them in such a way that for once, they cannot be denied (and then salvaged by ignoring the spectator) and always help your cause. Excellent stuff.
by Markus Pfeil
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