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COLORS (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by SPINLAB - Trick

A visual routine with 2 strong climax ! You can perform at the table or in the hands of a spectator. Phase 1 : four double blank cards transform into four colored cards, one by one. Phase 2 : one back is erased... Phase 3 : four Aces appear. Phase 4 : four Aces merge on the leader. Specifications:...

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TIME BLINK - Guillaume Botta video DOWNLOAD

A SELF WORKING MIRACLE Two versions are explained: one with a special watch and one other for the impromptu situations. The performer removes their watch and asks a participant to twist the knob to move the hands around randomly. The performer's head is turned away the entire time. When the...

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Waves by Guillaume Botta and Thomas Rembault video DOWNLOAD

AWARE A perfect opener for reset. During an observation test, the four Aces are put away and each King is isolated under any object. In a blink of an eye, the Aces become the Kings and the spectator can reveal each Ace under each object. ULTIMATE RESET This reset is my favorite. It's a mix of ideas...

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