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STASH (With Online Instructions) by Jasper Jongejans and MagicfromHolland - Trick


There’s a lot we like about Stash. It is a clever gimmick – which quite unusually will work for either a blue or red backed bicycle deck.

The gimmick is a little fiddly – and I think I would be worried about how well it would last. There are a few possibilities for it to go wrong if not set perfectly. Reset will take a few moments and really needs to be done out of sight, so it loses a couple of points for that.

One massive plus point is that unlike almost every other card to impossible location effect out there at the moment you don’t need to do a Mercury Card Fold! On the flip side of that, however, you will need to be able to do a Gamblers Cop! But a version is taught which doesn’t require this.

Stash is a really interesting solution to the card to impossible location plot – and since we all seem to carry our phones around everywhere these days makes a very logical routine. Clever as the gimmick is, I have just a few reservations about its use – and the reset means I would be keeping this for a special occasion rather than using it in my regular set. But if the plot appeals, then grab a copy to take a look.
Date Added: 03/03/2019 by Phil Sweeting


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