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Stasis (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Jambor - Trick


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When the trailer for this first appeared online and I saw it was done by the Other Brothers, I knew I was going to be in for a treat but I had no idea what the trick was about at all. When I saw that first card being balanced on top of the other one, I thought it was being accomplished similarly to some other balancing acts I have. I became intrigued because it looked really cool and different. But when he started adding other objects, I was stumped. Did I forget to mention they were borrowed objects? I had never seen anything like this in the 50 years I've been doing magic. I was hooked and I wanted it right now, not tomorrow or next week. I knew that none of my audiences had ever seen anything like this in the world of card magic. When I received it and discovered the secret, I was happily surprised to see I was completely off-base. This is so ingenious. So smart. So well-thought out. So very well-engineered and constructed so durably that it should last you the rest of your life. I showed this to my magician friends who claim to know the secrets to the Universe & THEY were stumped as well. I knew I was on to something very big and I was right. The magic I perform must adhere to strict rules and standards I've set for myself because of the manner in which I present it. Anyone who has seen my shows knows and expects to see something out of the ordinary, a unique magical rendering serving as the example of a story they know they are about to hear. You see, I weave storytelling in with my magic to teach and impart knowledge and wisdom of concepts by which we should all live our lives. People have come to expect my magic to be a cut above the rest. I call it Magic with Meaning. And this fits the bill so nicely because it demonstrates the balance which needs to be maintained in life in order for us to achieve homeostasis. It is the number one hardest lesson in life to learn but the most cherished and valuable once achieved. Every good storyteller reaches crescendos in their tales. I have timed mine to happen exactly when the next borrowed object is perfectly balanced as I release my hold on it. You can see the spectators' stunned reactions on their faces. You can hear the gasps and whispers as they pierce the deafening silence. These are moments of astonishment which they will never ever forget. And they will never ever forget you. That is what Stasis can do for you. This will be the trick they will talk about over all the others. I don't care if you walk on water. This is better. Trust my experience, for I have done this in the real world many times now and it's what everyone talks about for weeks. There are no difficult sleights whatsoever. It can be learned in 10 minutes...mastered in 100 minutes. Anyone can do this. However you present this, whatever is your style, it will kill. I promise....
Date Added: 01/19/2020 by Larry K.
very clever trick. best I've seen for this illusion
Date Added: 11/04/2019 by skydog123
I saw this at Magic Live and was completely fooled! Definitely worth the money.
Date Added: 09/27/2019 by KatieD


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