I just received my Stellar card clip. Wow, is this thing cool. A card clip with a built in reveal that is quite powerful and unexpected! The first thing you notice is how nice of a card clip it is. It's made of thick metal and the black mirror finish on it is stunning, much classier looking than anodized metal. It's as high quality of a card clip as some manufacturers charge at higher prices. I had a high level of expectation since I've played around with a couple of their other effects at a convention and this didn't disappoint one bit. The trick is exactly as described. You start by showing 'stars' by shining a light (It works well with a cellphone light which you can borrow from a spectator or use your own) through the clip. Then, after a spectator chooses a card, you 'twinkle' the stars and they morph to form their card. The audience reaction is strong since the stars appear to animate. I used this for a walk-around event last night and the meeting planner (who has seen it all she said) reacted with, "that is one of the most beautiful card tricks I've seen." This thing is a worker's dream since it is an unassuming utility object, easy to perform so you can focus on presentation, and you don't need an out since it's 100%. . It took me about ten minutes of practice to learn the knack for how to shine the light through it just right. And then that's it, the clip does all of the work for you. I've also handed the clip out right after the reveal and nobody has figured out how it works. People were asking to see my phone (since i use the flashlight) and after that, I started borrowing other people's smartphones and had them hold the light with my hand on their wrist. They don't see the simple method because they are too busy watching the points of light seemingly animate and dance into formation of the reveal. This is not only in my gig bag, I am ordering a second one for my EDC and back-up like everything in my professional repertoire as a full-time strolling worker. Alchemy Insiders has become "one to watch" as this effect is an absolute winner and fits all the criteria of a worker and casual practitioner.
Date Added: 01/30/2018 by Robb Weinstock


Great service

Thanks Brandi for your extra service on my order. It is greatly appreciated. To quote a line out of a movie: "I'll be back",

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