Sucker Peep by Mark Wong and Inside Magic Productions - Trick

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Very good effect! It was well thought out and very clever. I also learned a good move, the glide. The effect involves a deck switch (obviously), so there are two decks involved. However, I rather like the deck switch because it opens the door for another effect. You can have the first deck shuffled, do the effect with the deck switch and have the second deck in any order you desire. It opens up the possibility of doing a memorized deck or even a demonstration that would seem impossible with a shuffled deck. I like to have the second deck set up for a poker hand routine with four players and whether you have four participants or not, you can go from a shuffled deck to this routine, to a poker hand demonstration. Just set up the poker hands and work backwards. Set up all the hands and draw them into the deck backward so when dealt, you have the poker hand you desire. It might be nice to learn a false shuffle or cut. MJM has DVDs on false shuffles or false cuts (even one false cut by Chris Wiehl that is free). Really nice effect. Highly recommended.
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