S-Ray by Sun - Trick

We got an idea from the Neon Thru Balloon and created a totally new device. Your audience will be mesmerized by you just with S-Ray and the smoke that comes out. Let us introduce some of the many advantages of S-Ray . Smoke System The addition of the smoke system makes the rays look more...
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Sun Smoke Pro (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) - Trick

This is an upgraded version of the smoke device SunSmoke, which is consistently loved by many magicians around the world. The difference from the existing SunSmoke is that it is a little more compact and can be controlled with a remote control rather than an extension line. The amount of smoke is...
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Ready To Ship: Between Aug 3rd and Aug 4th
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Sun Smoke with Vanisher (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) - Trick

Now, anyone can perform magic where silk disappears into smoke! It's not difficult. You just press the button and the magic will come true in your hands. Feel the power of magic for yourself. And the silk and smoke goes well with any magic. Try Sun Smoke with Vanisher with all your objects! Then...
Sale: $189.95

Ready To Ship: Between Aug 3rd and Aug 4th
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